As The Autumn Ends

by Lacryma Sanguine

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The EP "As The Autumn Ends" is the first Lacryma Sanguine album, released in 2008 through Killzone Records (USA).


released January 19, 2008

Recorded at MV Studios, Fortaleza/CE - Brazil.
Produced by Moisés Veloso and Lacryma Sanguine.
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Moisés Veloso in MV Studios.
All Arrangements by Lacryma Sanguine.



all rights reserved


Lacryma Sanguine Fortaleza, Brazil

Lacryma Sanguine is one of the few doom metal bands coming from the northeast of Brazil, whose region is known for their beautiful coasts and it hot weather.

But Lacryma Sanguine presents the coldest and depressive doom metal influenced by bands coming from the UK old school doom metal to the most newest drone and atmospheric sound.
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Track Name: Her Bloody Wings
I can see in her eyes
The misery inside
Her tears fall down
As the world decays
And she can't fly
With her bloody wings
The shine in her eyes
Is fading as my heart dies
Cold as the winter
Her skin is frozen
Her eyes are dead and gone
As the sun hides itself
The tears, they fall so red
In this ocean of pain and despair
Entwined with her I lay
Her fragile body over mine
As I cry
I can fell her heart dies
As I cry
I can see her eyes shine
As I cry
I can feel her soul rises
As I cry
She can touch the sky
Her crimson tears
Are falling as I die with her
And as the blood pulses in my veins
I can fell she dies
Track Name: As The Autumn Ends
I can feel her cold hands over mine
as she lays so pale on the cold floor
the spirits, they seem so close
staring at me
as she dies in my arms
The rain falls so softly on my face
as the river runs in front of me
dead trees watch my agony
as the autumn ends again
My mind is so confuse
and now this pain came so cruel
again i lost control upon myself
as the moon rises in the highest skies
Grey walls suffocates me
as this woe is killing me
in my dreams i find some peace
so i hope someday i'll dream forever
angels watch me cry
as the night comes again
the tears fall so soflty
as the autumn ends again
Track Name: One Last Kiss
And despair
Within my heart
A black rose
That once was alive
My dying heart
Since you're gone
Your warm skin
Now cold as ice
As i lay dying
With my agony
Memory of us
One more night
I'm asleep
Wondering why this
Pain never ends
Come to me
Take me with you
My love
One last kiss
On your cold lips
The tears they fall
In the chalice of death